Under The Bar Podcast presents:
Broderick Chavez: Practical Application Case Studies

Broderick Chavez, from Team Evil Genius Sports Performance is back in Australia, and ready to give the Underground seminar you have been waiting for.

Sydney 17th March 9AM



Hard to advertise, absolutely engaging to watch, this is a look at periodisation for sports performance that goes where most seminars will not.

We asked you what case studies you wanted to see, it was overwhelmingly:

Broderick will do his thing, breaking down into “Layman’s Terms” detail:

Broderick Chavez

Broderick Chavez is the guy that some of the world’s top athletes have on speed dial, including:

Under The Bar Podcast

Rawdon “The Pro-maker” Dubois is one of Australia’s most sought after online bodybuilding and physique competition prep coaches. 

Tommy “Two Thongs” Hewett is the founder and co-host of the Under The Bar podcast. He has vast expertise in working with general population clients, and mentoring PTs.

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All seminar attendees get FREE lifetime access to the livestream of Broderick’s Evil Genius Sydney seminar: Practical Application Case Studies.
Broderick Chavez and Rawdon Dubois Evil Genius Tour 2019


We asked, and you have spoken.

Broderick will be joined by Rawdon Dubois and Tom Hewett from the Under The Bar Podcast to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly and evil of prepping for Powerlifting comps and Bodybuilding events and other athletic events that require speed and skill.
You can expect case studies and all the gory details.


The boys will be doing a deep dive into 52 week periodisation models:
A male powerlifter between weight classes, outlining periodisation models for his two options – up or down in weight class.
52 week periodisation models for both an ADVANCED and a BEGINNER bodybuilder – looking at ALL protocols, for the off season into a 16 week show prep.


Very extensive, honest and based upon real life experience as well as science!
Critta Stamatiou
Crittical Enterprises
AUS #1 U75kg Raw Powerlifter
Excellent - Very eye opening to get some insight into the biology of body comp and performance.

Matthew Bartholomew
Team MB Powerlifting
Best seminar I've done in Australia to date!

Anthony Kola
Iron Executive
Well and truly met my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the Broderick Chavez seminar and to meet him in person was fantastic...the seminar was a plethora of educational information.
Justin Smith
Iron Warrior
Broderick Chavez and Rawdon Dubois Evil Genius Tour 2019
Broderick Chavez

Renowned and infamous US trainer to Olympians and IFBB Pros Broderick Chavez is on his second Australian seminar tour in 2019. He is a sports performance expert, biologist, chemist, coffee connoisseur and an insomniac = Evil Genius!

Broderick Chavez has actively worked in Sports Performance Field 30 years.

He has competed at a national level in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman, and has trained countless IFBB pros, olympians and athletes.


Rawdon Dubois

Rawdon is one of Australia’s leading online physique preparation coaches who over the years has developed The Dubois Method; a comprehensive, all-encompassing coaching style that sees a combination of the current evidence-based research, mixed strongly with his “in the trenches” real world, practical experiences.

He is a firm believer in practising what he preaches, bringing 28-years of walking the talk regarding strength, hypertrophy & body composition training to the success of hundreds of athletes he’s coached onto the physique competition stage or professional photo shoot.

Rawdon and Tom Hewett co-host of the Under The Bar Podcast.


Tommy Hewett

Tom has developed a holistic, results based system for optimizing body composition, achieving high levels of health and vitality and enjoying more success in life.

Tom specialises in:

  • Female body transformations and photoshoot prep
  • Male Body Transformations and photo shoot prep
  • Executive body composition and vitality
  • Personal Trainer body composition and PT mentoring & career progression

In an industry that often takes itself too seriously Tom has built a reputation as a progressive, open minded coach with an extremely positive outlook on life and a really fun coach to work with!

Drawing on his background as a radio producer, Tom is the founder and co-host, along with Rawdon Dubois of the Under The Bar Podcast.



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