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Very extensive, honest and based upon real life experience as well as science!
Critta Stamatiou
Crittical Enterprises
AUS #1 U75kg Raw Powerlifter
Excellent - Very eye opening to get some insight into the biology of body comp and performance.

Matthew Bartholomew
Team MB Powerlifting
Best seminar I've done in Australia to date!

Anthony Kola
Iron Executive
Well and truly met my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the Broderick Chavez seminar and to meet him in person was fantastic...the seminar was a plethora of educational information.
Justin Smith
Iron Warrior
Broderick Chavez and Rawdon Dubois Evil Genius Tour 2019
Broderick Chavez

Renowned and infamous US trainer to Olympians and IFBB Pros Broderick Chavez is on his second Australian seminar tour in 2019. He is a sports performance expert, biologist, chemist, coffee connoisseur and an insomniac = Evil Genius!

Broderick Chavez has actively worked in Sports Performance Field 30 years.

He has competed at a national level in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman, and has trained countless IFBB pros, olympians and athletes.